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About us

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Two Young Birds was founded by us, Natasha Wallace of Conscious Works and Kate Millington-Lusardi of Yellow Cat VA, to help women be at their best. We’re successful business women who don’t take ourselves too seriously - but we take being women very seriously.

Based on our experience in senior leadership, female development and in business, we recognise the importance of self awareness, resilience and relationships skills for women who want to achieve more. These aren't skills that many of us learn at school or on the job and so our mission is to change that, empowering women with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.


Natasha Wallace

I am really passionate about female development. Having spent years working in leadership development, culture change and as a senior leader, I see the huge potential in developing self awareness early to optimise our performance in the workplace.

Not only that, it can be all too easy to get so immersed in the day job and life that we forget to focus on our own development. Yet by taking the time to reflect on ourselves, how we’re performing, and how we’re feeling, it allows us to ‘pivot’. I use this term to describe a change in our thinking or behaviour that enables us to achieve more or to feel better about what we’re doing.

The world around us has become so demanding that if we don’t develop this ability to pivot, we’re unlikely to fulfil our potential. Not only that, our wellbeing will be affected. Through learning more about ourselves and others, our beliefs and our patterns of behaviour, we can better navigate the world around us and protect our mental health. Inevitably, we end up being better people too.

Since leaving my role as HR Director, I spend most of my time coaching and advising individuals and teams about how to optimise performance while taking care of wellbeing too. Using self knowledge and self care as the foundations for work, aka ‘conscious intelligence’, my aim is to make more people to feel good at work.

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Kate Millington-Lusardi


I am a 36 year old female business owner, who definitely does not have all the answers. Sorry.

Like Natasha I am passionate about women, our place in the world and what we’re capable of. The women I surround myself with are strong, able, intelligent and creative, with a whole heap of unlocked potential - although like many of us, they don’t always recognise these qualities within themselves. As an occasional, fellow sufferer of self-depreciation, I can relate. I am making it my mission help create a safe environment where women can be open, honest and talk about what they feel is holding them back within their work-life and obstructing their self-development whilst giving them a platform to celebrate their achievements.

In the summer of 2017 I decided to quit my job, start my own company and go it alone as a freelance Virtual Assistant. Before this I worked in some really great companies - some big corporates, some smaller creative studio’s, and I am so grateful for all of the experience and knowledge those companies gave me. As well as really positive experiences, being a woman, I also came face-to-face with A LOT of unconscious bias, which at the time I didn’t even question. These seemingly small and unnoticeable instances contributed to confidence issues and, I know, had an effect on how I viewed myself within the workplace and also within my new world of work as a bad-ass business woman! (Well, you can imagine.. for a long time, I did not consider myself a “bad-ass business woman” at all).  

But I do now. With support and guidance I was able to understand the value I could bring to myself, my clients and those around me. I want to help do the same for women through our workshops.